Protecting Your Little One: COVID-19 by Tiny Hearts Education

Protecting Your Little One: COVID-19

Welcome to Tiny Hearts Education’s brand new online course, Protecting Your Little One. Designed for expecting and new parents, you will learn everything you need to know about COVID-19.

What's included?

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1 min
Part 1: Understanding COVID-19
Understanding COVID-19
6 mins
Part 2: Treatment
5 mins
Kawasaki Disease
Part 3: COVID-19 and Pregnancy
COVID-19 and Pregnancy
6 mins
Part 4: Infection Control and Prevention
Infection Control and Prevention
4 mins
Part 5: Immune System Care
Immune System Care
5 mins
Part 6: Isolation
3 mins
Part 7: Managing Mental Health
Managing Mental Health
3 mins
Part 8: Resources
1 min
Thank you
Thank You
1 min